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keepsake boxes
Keepsake Boxes

  Available on apron only.

Similar motif available for golf, bowling, chess, cards, and board games. Plus words alone on dark apparel.

Same design with "only known source of … chocolate, coffee, milk, wine, beer, tequila, bourbon, vodka, martinis, music, rock 'n' roll, cheeseburgers, bar-b-que, cigars, power tools, kittens, puppies, or grandchildren." Available on all items. Earth Day is every day!

Similar design available for Halloween and Valentine's Day on all items.
The most useful gift I ever received!
Swiss Card SwissCards – Flat, credit-card sized, tool-kits. Fit in pocket or wallet. Various configs.

The most appreciated gift I ever gave!

My wife took the one I gave her — a pix of me with my voice saying that I loved her — to her office and all the women complimented her on what a wonderful husband she has … and that made her very happy!

Talking Picture Frame

Talking Picture Frames
Great for lovers, spouses, parents, grandparents, distant friends, and anyone who treasures hearing the voice of another.

These books make great office gifts and stocking stuffers
Collectible HO scale trains and Christmas train se
Fruit & Wine
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